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Towards new challenges with42 Québec

Join the first cohort of 42 Québec!

Are you looking for a career change or a challenging job in the IT industry?

42 Québec offers a 3-year computer training program to access a wide range of digital-related professions: computer developer, video games designer, network administrator, security expert, startup creator and much more…

Pedagogy 42 is innovative and offers a lively, collaborative, and participative path. The concept has been proven since 2013 with more than 12,000 graduates to fill the workforce shortage in the industry.

42 Québec is the first campus in Canada of the 42 Network, a network of more than 30 partners around the world gathered around 42 Paris. Québec City will open its doors to 200 students in the St-Roch district. Be part of it!

How doesit work?


The online profile

Create your online profile on the 42 platform. Once done, you’ll have to watch an introductory video.


The introductory video

Watch the introductory video where candidates are briefed on 42’s philosophy.


The Piscine

Successfully complete the Piscine, an intensive 4-week immersion


The cursus

Have you passed the three stages of admission? Congratulations! Now you can start your studies.

An idealenvironment

At your own pace

It is estimated that the program takes approximately 3 years to complete, including internships. However, since the facilities are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can work whenever you want and progress more or less quickly.

So, you can study at your own pace and this time management allows you to deal with life’s hazards. If exceptionally you have to put your training on “pause” you will find your projects where you left them upon your return at 42 Québec.

Lots of projects

At 42, we don’t just sit down to listen to a lecture, we work on projects organized according to the principle of a video game. Through stimulating quests, you collect experience points in connection with the great professional skills to be acquired. It’s the gamification principle.

You are therefore largely in control of your studies: once the common core completed, you can choose your projects in the programs, according to your interests.

Enriching experiences

At 42 Québec, you will not have to collect report cards. As the progression of the program is inspired by video games, each “level” reached allows you to simply unlock the next project!

At the end of each step, the work is validated by your peers. And conversely, you will have to validate that of your classmates. This is a good time to discuss your reasoning and exchange between students on how you proceeded to achieve your goals.

This step will allow you to progress further and continue to acquire your experience points with your next project.

Working after42 Québec

A world of opportunities

After 42 Quebec, you can go anywhere. You can start your own business, join the video game industry or even advance the field of programming. Sky is the limit! In the end, once you complete your apprenticeship at 42 Québec, you will be well equipped to learn how to learn.

This means that you can bring your programming skills to any field and continue to improve. There are thousands of 42 graduates around the world, feel free to read about their journey! Plus, you’ll be a student for life! This means that you will be able to come back to school whenever you want to learn new subjects.