A world of possibilities awaits you

At 42 Québec, you will learn skills and know-how that will not limit you to a single job or a single industry. Of course, you will learn to code but more importantly, you will learn to learn!

What jobs are available to you

It is predicted that within 5 years, more than 84% of new jobs will be closely related to computers, in all fields of development.

42 training will allow you to become a professional coder as a developer and acquire a position in the IT world. The complete program trains full-stack developers and open up to several professions.

Here are some jobs examples:

  • mobiles applications developer
  • project chief
  • IT security expert
  • network and system administrator

  • network and system administrator
  • video games designer
  • multimedia designer
  • or create your startup!

The statistics speaks for themselves

We don’t have a crystal ball but with over 12,000 graduates around the world in the 42 Network, here are some interesting facts to give you a sense of the future:

  • 1: a solid portfolio that you will build from the projects you have completed and that any employer will look at with interest.
  • 2: number of paid internships that allow you to gain work experience.
  • 3: average number of job offers received by each student during their studies.

What future employers think

There is a great need for personnel, especially developers in the field of technology and all industries. Almost all the large companies in the region have a need for manpower and understand the contribution of 42 Québec to solve this problem.