Last update: 2022-01-13

The health and safety of all remain our highest priority. That is why the entire team at Québec numérique and 42 Québec is working from the comfort of their homes to continue moving 42 Québec forward. Students are also at home until January 17, and then will be in a hybrid home/campus mode until March 31.

The government guidelines are clear to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and it is our duty to follow them to the letter. This situation is unfortunately beyond our control, but we understand that it may have implications for candidates or people interested in 42 Québec.

You will find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us at

If changes need to be made, we will let you know promptly. Keep an eye on this FAQ or on our social media to be notified.


What is happening with January and February Piscines?

It’s now official, according to the government guidelines, we can welcome candidates for the January Piscine as of Monday, January 17.

The Piscine starting on February 21 is also maintained for the time being.

If there are any changes in government guidelines, please rest assured that we will notify you on all our communication platforms.


Can I still sign up for 42 Québec?

Yes, absolutely!

Complete your online profile, watch the 42 Quebec introduction video, then select your Piscine date, the last step that will decide your admission to the campus.

*Registration deadline for the January 17 Piscine: Saturday, January 15 at 9:00 am

*February 21 Piscine registration deadline: Thursday, February 17 at midnight

In addition to the posted Piscines, more will be added over time. You have one year to register for a Piscine from the moment you create your profile. After that, your data will be deleted.

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Can the Piscine be done online?

Unfortunately, no. One of the goals of the Piscine is to create a group synergy so that the notion of peer learning can take root. It cannot be done entirely online. Bringing people together is its raison d’être.


What will be done to ensure security at 42 Québec?

The health and safety of our candidates and employees remains a priority. Here are the rules that are added to those already in place:

  • Wearing a procedure mask (provided by 42 Québec) is mandatory at all times, even when seated at a workstation.
  • Common areas are not accessible.
  • The cafeteria is set up to facilitate social distancing.
  • Candidates must use the same computer station throughout the Piscine.


What should I do in the meantime?

Stay alert to new information that will be shared on our website, on our social networks, in our newsletter, and by email. If you haven’t, now is the time to complete your profile on the admission platform and choose your Pool. We also suggest that you take a jog, learn to bake bread, or bring out an old 1000 piece puzzle!

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