Important information for foreign candidates

You are not a Canadian citizen and would like to experience 42 Québec?
We will be pleased to welcome you!

However, we ask you to read the following information carefully to avoid unnecessary frustrations and requests.

If you do not find answers to your questions here, we recommend that you consult an immigration officer at the Canadian Embassy in your country.

COVID-19 - Restrictions at Canadian borders

Before planning any trip to Canada, we invite you to consult the requirements and restrictions in place. Please note that in all circumstances, the 42 Québec Piscine cannot be considered an essential trip. View Canada travel restrictions here.

What can I do until the borders reopen?

  1. Create your account on the admission platform.
  2. Playing online games.
  3. Register for an introductory meeting (after successful completion of the games).
  4. Stay informed by visiting the Government of Canada website. 

I have selected a Piscine but I can't be there. What should I do now?

A few weeks before the Piscine, you will receive an email inviting you to confirm or not your presence at the chosen Piscine. If you are unable to attend, simply click on the red button. You will return to the Piscine selection step, and you will then be able to choose another date. It is also possible to withdraw from a Piscine at any time, by accessing your profile on the 42 Québec admission platform. 

Which visa should I get for the Piscine?

The invitation to the Piscine does not constitute admission to 42 Quebec. It is simply the last step in the selection process as if you were coming to visit the campus or have a job interview. Before buying your plane tickets, find out about all the conditions for entering Canada. It is your responsibility to obtain this information from the appropriate authorities. Candidates can apply for a visitor visa to come to Canada for less than 6 months. During this short stay, you will not be allowed to work or take courses in a program longer than 6 months. This allows you to complete the 26-day Piscine and begin the training. This visa, therefore, does not allow you to work or accomplish the mandatory internships during the 42 Québec training.

Which visa should I get once accepted at 42 Québec?

You will be considered as a 42 Québec student when and only when you have received your official admission letter from 42 Québec, which will be given 5 to 7 days after the Piscine end. 42 Quebec does not have the designated learning institution number (DLI) to apply for a student visa. Once in Canada, to be able to stay for more than 6 months, you will need to submit a request to extend your visitor status. You will thus obtain a visitor record that will allow you to stay in Canada for a specified period. It is an IRCC agent who will decide how long your status will be extended. This extension also does not allow you to work or complete the mandatory internships during the 42 Québec training. Although open to all (we have no visa requirement to complete the training), 42 Quebec does not allow obtaining any visa. To find out if other options are available to you, we recommend that you consult an immigration officer at the Canadian embassy in your country. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can stay in Quebec territory for the training duration.

Will I get a work permit once my 42 Québec training completed?

There is no diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education at the end of the 42 Québec training. So 42 Québec certification does not allow you to apply for a work permit. Here are the eligibility requirements according to the Government of Canada.

Can I have an invitation letter?

We will not issue any invitation letter for the Piscine of the 42 Québec training.

I am a student in another 42 Network campus. Can I be transferred to 42 Québec?

It is possible to request a campus transfer after completing the common core (approximately 1 year). The Piscine and the common core must be completed on the same campus. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to 42 Quebec after your common core! Contact us at for more details.