Howdoes it work?

Learn more about the stages of the course and the 42 program which revolves around 5 main themes. Those themes are divided into 17 skills related to the needs of the industry.

Admission stage

  • 01 Profile

    Complete your profile.
    Duration: 5 to 10 minutes

  • 02 Introductory video

    Watch the introductory video to obtain additional information about the Piscine and 42 Québec.
    Duration: 10 minutes

  • 03 The Piscine

    Dive into the code to discover your strengths and weaknesses and take the pulse of IT.
    Duration: 26 days

Bravo, you're in!

The 42 course includes diversified projects and internships. So you quickly go from the theory to practice!
  • 04 Basic projects

    Learn the basics of coding with introductory projects.
    Duration: About 8 months

  • 05 First internship

    Test your knowledge in the workplace.
    Duration: Between 4 to 6 months

  • 06 Control and large scale projects

    Explore even more with larger projects and continue applying your knowledge in the workplace (optional internship)
    Duration : About 18 months

  • 07 Last internship

    Realize all your ambitions and put all your skills to the test.
    Duration: About 6 months


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