All you need to know about 42 Québec

Have you heard of 42 Québec training? Are you interested, but the concept is still unclear? That’s ok: 42 Quebec is unlike anything on the educational market in Quebec. You […]

Have you heard of 42 Québec training? Are you interested, but the concept is still unclear? That’s ok: 42 Quebec is unlike anything on the educational market in Quebec. You already know that you will learn computer programming in about three years, but where, how, when? This article sheds light on the most frequently asked questions.

Étudiants du campus 42 Québec

Free of charge, for real?

You have certainly seen this information thinking: “This must be a trap!”. You should know that the concept of 42, with more than thirty campuses worldwide, is intended to be accessible and inclusive. We should not have to pay to be able to enter the job market on a long-term basis. This firm commitment allows us to attract talents from different backgrounds, regardless of their life course.

Thanks to financial partners who believe in the mission of 42 Québec, our students have free access to our projects platform, campus, and iMacs to work together.

Why iMacs?

Because they are sturdy, don’t take much space, and consume little energy. They also allow us great flexibility because they are based on the same system as Linux. You can also virtualize any operating system. Plus, 208 iMacs in a row look pretty cool!

And what is the schedule?

There is no schedule at 42 Quebec. You will learn through tutorials and especially by collaborating with your colleagues. Therefore, you decide when you connect to computers on the campus to carry out your projects and evaluations. Our facilities are accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all year long.

It is essential to keep in mind that this peer-learning training requires you to devote yourself to it full time. You will have a realistic amount of time to complete each project. Depending on how fast you are progressing, you will be able to accumulate days to take vacations. During your 3-year course, you will also have the possibility of taking three breaks for a total of six months, if necessary.

The 42 Quebec team will not watch when and for how long you come to campus unless you are late and are approaching the “black hole” (we will explain it on your first day!). If that happens, we will meet with you to see if we can do anything to help you regain motivation or better organize your time.

Ok, but what am I going to learn?

42 begins with a common core. Following each student’s pace, it lasts a maximum of 18 months and lets students learn C programming, develop simple software using classic algorithms, discover access to the file system, and learn the management of the UNIX process. It includes a first simple approach to network architecture and system administration. Object-oriented programming is also on the program, as well as a client-server project.
La vie étudiante à 42 Québec - campus - aire commune de jeux et repos

Then, you can specialize à la carte! The second part of the course covers different areas, such as artificial intelligence, video games, security, databases, mobile application development, and more. It focuses on collaboration and neutrality towards brands, technologies, and languages. The choice of subjects remains free: you can therefore explore different branches or concentrate on one particular specialty.

During your course at 42 Quebec, you will also have to complete two internships: after the common core and at the end of your specialization. A great way to prepare you for your future job!

I have never coded: can I try it anyway?

Sure! There are no prerequisites for training other than being 18 years of age or older. We have an admission process that ends with an immersion of 26 consecutive days called the Piscine, an intensive introduction to the world of code. At the end of the Piscine, you will have already acquired a lot of knowledge.

26 days of Piscine!

Yes, the last admission step, the Piscine, lasts 26 days. It is indeed a good investment of time, which is why we strongly suggest that you put the odds in your favor. A job or studies simultaneously, even part-time, will make the experience more difficult: choose your Piscine wisely and clear your schedule to dedicate yourself entirely to it. It will be worth it!

People who have been there are unanimous: it is an extraordinary experience that brings a great sense of accomplishment and helps forge solid bonds with others.

It speaks to me! But what can I expect after the training is over?

First, you should know that there is no recognized diploma by the Ministère de l’éducation at the end of the training. However, the industry acknowledges the 42 curriculum and the skills that come with completing this unique path. There is a glaring IT workforce shortage in Quebec City and internationally. Several companies regularly contact us to get their hands on the qualified students currently being trained. At 42 Quebec, you will connect with the industry, and many doors will be open to you.

Do I have access to financial assistance for training?

We understand that even though it’s free, you must continue to support yourself. 42 is not eligible for the Loans and Bursaries Program; on the other hand, it is possible to benefit from financial assistance through the PRATIC program, in effect until March 31, 2022.

So, the last chance for you to take advantage of it is the January 2022 Piscine. We invite you to get information about this financial program and contact an employment assistance agent from Emploi Québec to find out if you are eligible.

Born to code?

With nearly 70 motivated students, the campus is alive and waiting for you. The projects are going well, and every week we welcome a partner company to give a conference and meet our people. A committee, the CODE, is also in place to animate student life. Clubs are formed: D&D, 42 incubators, and more. Everyone here can make a difference in their own way!

To find out if you were born to code, click and register for the Piscine from January 10 to February 4.