42 Quebec, proud to collaborate with private companies

Programming training at 42 Quebec prepares students for the job market by providing them knowledge, but also skills such as autonomy, resourcefulness, and collaboration. It was to meet a growing need for experts in computer development that it was created in 2013 in France and that it has made waves internationally with the 42 Network.

Companies are valuable actors at 42 Quebec, through the partnerships and the activities organized. Each 42 campus aims to forge links with companies the campus feels close to, both geographically and philosophically. This allows 42 Quebec to provide training based on today’s business realities and the latest innovations in the IT field.

Hire our students as interns

The very first students of 42 Quebec will be ready to integrate internship environments in the fall of 2022!

42 Quebec allows its students to apply their knowledge in professional environments as soon as they finish the core curriculum. Unlike traditional educational institutions, 42 Québec students enter the job market gradually, at any time of the year. The 42 Quebec formation does not follow the school calendar.

The 2 internships in the program are mandatory.

Students are totally free and responsible to select the employers of their choice to complete their internships.

Once they are ready to join an internship, you can find 42 Quebec students on the Trouve un Stage platform. 42 Quebec partners have free access to the platform.

Make yourself known

Do you care about the future of IT? Is the workforce in the sector an issue for your company? You think 42 Quebec is a fantastic campus and you would like to collaborate with us?

Becoming a partner, depending on the agreement signed, will bring you several advantages:

  • You can organize events on our campus or in your facilities to introduce your company to 42 Quebec students: company visit, workshop, conference and more.
  • You will benefit a free access to the “Trouve un stage” platform powered by Boomrank, via 42 Quebec, to post internship opportunities in your company.
  • You can participate to our Job Fair and meet our students.
  • And much more!

See our current partners

Visit the « Trouve un stage » platform