Student Guide

To familiarize yourself with Québec City and the St-Roch district, here are a few useful resources.

42 Québec is located in one of the most accessible areas of Québec City. Several buses pass through it, as well as a bicycle path. It is also easy, although costly in the long run, to park in the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay in the school, either during the Piscine or during the course. Here are some resources to help you find accommodation. Our advice for a maximum number of options: look for bus routes that pass through the Saint-Roch district.

Activities, festivals, restaurants, sports… Because even though the school is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you won’t be there all the time!

Several resources are available to guide you in your efforts and to inform you about life in Québec City.