42 Network

The network of partner campuses shares common practices and values to train developers around the world.

An innovative global network

42 has created the world’s largest computer campus network. What they all have in common is that they are free, innovative and accessible. The 42 training program began with 42 Paris in 2013. Subsequently, partners have helped spread the 42 method around the world. Each campus builds strong connections with local ecosystems to bring the 42 pedagogy to students anywhere.

An exceptional international experience

In a digital environment without borders, acquiring international experience has become essential. 42 promotes student mobility. The completion of the core curriculum allows students to travel to any other campus in the network, while benefiting from the same educational environment. Opening up to the international scene is also encouraged by cross-disciplinary projects that give students a taste of real professional experience (collaboration with partners from different work cultures and time zones).

The campuses

42, present on all continents!

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