Who are our students?

At 42 Québec, there are as many profiles as there are students.

Born to code

Some people may already know that programming is what they want to do in life, but others may not. At 42 Québec, we offer you the chance to find out. The Piscine is an opportunity to explore computer programming for a month and decide if one wants to commit to a 3-year training program.

An important thing to remember is that we do things differently. That attracts different kinds of people, from all walks of life. But they all share the same goal of learning, contributing to the wonderful 42 community we have today.

Why choose 42 Québec?

For the community

At 42 Québec, cooperation is the order of the day. All means of communication, activities and facilities are set up to ensure collaboration. Together, you’ll accomplish things you never thought you could. These bonds, which will last beyond the training period, will enable you to enter the job market with confidence.

For the customized learning path

The IT field is wide, very wide! There are many professions, in addition to those that do not yet exist. The 42 Québec training allows you to discover the different angles of this industry to better orient yourself within it.

For the flexible schedule

Because in our atypical student community, many realities intersect: a return to school, children in daycare, a restrictive health condition, a part-time job, or a preference for night work. 42 Québec provides access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To each their own time to accomplish their projects.

For accessibility

Free of charge and without prerequisites, the foundation of the 42 training is to offer an educational alternative to people who are not suited to the traditional system.

Getting in touch with the job market

42 Québec’s partner companies are actively involved throughout the curriculum. From conferences and workshops to mentoring, students are given the opportunity to build their network of contacts as they progress through the program.

Up-to-date curriculum

42 Québec’s curriculum is being frequently updated to keep up with the reality of the job market. In addition to the basic projects, others can be proposed by students and companies to better address their needs.

To learn how to learn

Technologies are in constant evolution. By letting students discover the solution to different problems, the 42 Québec training program allows them to develop adaptive skills that will enable them to deal with a multitude of situations.