The admission process

42 Québec has no prerequisites, other than being 18 years of age or older. A few steps are necessary to familiarize yourself with the 42 method and prepare to join the training.

The admission process

The Admission Platform

The First Step.

Creating an account on the admission platform does not commit the applicant to anything. Upon creation of an account, a one-year delay is allowed to proceed with the next steps. After that, the profile will be anonymized.

Meet the team

To be well-prepared.

You can select a check-in meeting date on the admission platform where the team will explain how to prepare for the next steps. This is also a good time to ask questions. After this meeting, the next step is unlocked.

The Piscine

It’s an immersive experience!

Because 42 Québec is an alternate training, we want to give people the chance to experience this new way of learning before committing to it for the next 3 years. The Piscine requires 26 days of consecutive training. ATTENTION: It is not possible to do the Piscine in a virtual environment, one must come to the Quebec City campus to complete it.

What can be expected during the Piscine?

The Piscine is an unforgettable and unparalleled experience. Over the course of the 26 days, there are weekday projects to complete in preparation for the exams that are held every Friday. Weekends are dedicated to teamwork. Yes, it’s demanding and requires you to clear your schedule for the whole 26 days.

There are no set times at 42 Québec, except for the first day when we will create your access and do a welcoming meeting. Candidates can arrive and leave at any time the other days. It is the responsibility of each individual to evaluate the number of hours required to succeed, but the Piscine must be considered a full-time job.

83% of 42 Québec students had never coded before the Piscine. At the end of this experience, it is the candidates’ progress and adaptability that will be assessed, not the grades. During these 26 days, expect to be destabilized and face several challenges. The key to success is collaboration with others.

IMPORTANT: It is impossible to do the Piscine in a virtual environment; it is necessary to be present at the Québec City campus to complete it.

Who better to talk about this experience than those who have been there!