Student Life

With support from the 42 Québec team, the student community is given the opportunity to get involved at 42 Québec and beyond.Experiences that allow students to develop cross-cutting skills, build strong ties among colleagues and become responsible citizens are complementary to the training. Here are a few examples of committees and activities implemented at 42 Québec.

The C.O.D.E.

The Comité Organisateur Des Étudiants (The Students’ Organizing Committee).

Created by students, for students, the C.O.D.E. offers a variety of activities to build community spirit. This committee is also a springboard for implementing the ideas of all the students so that they can take ownership of their school environment.

The Fx Committee

For women and individuals identifying themselves as such.

The Fx committee was born out of the desire of women and those who identify as such at 42 Québec to have a safe space in which to discuss with each other. 42 Québec is determined to attract more women to the IT world and exchanging with these future developers also allows us to find creative solutions to make this field more attractive to them.

The Dungeons & Dragons Club

A great classic that never goes out of style.

A group of enthusiasts get together one night a week to defy the laws of nature!

The Welcoming Committee

Because the first day can be unsettling.

Whether within the Piscine or upon arrival of a new cohort, students get involved to make the newcomers feel at home. For example, the Safety Buoy allows the Piscineux to talk with people who have already been there and to normalize the emotions experienced during this extraordinary experience.

Civic Involvement

Sporadic activities.

Because ethics is an important quality in the IT field, the 42 Québec team organizes activities to allow students to make a difference in their community. 

And any committees that don’t yet exist!

Got an idea? We’ll help you implement it