Program description

Lean more about the stages of the course and of the 42 program which revolves around 5 main themes. These themes are divided into 17 skills related to the needs of the industry.

The program

The study program is divided into several stages, each designed to lead effortlessly to the next. Each project in the program is designed to teach a particular aspect of programming. The first project, starting with the basics of programming, builds on what you learned in the Piscine until you become a pro at programming.

The program is designed so that you can easily choose which path you want to take, whether it’s algorithms, security or graphics (to name a few).

Theme 1

Computer programming

The heart of 42 is code. Software development is the driving engine of all digital activity. Therefore, fundamental technical competencies are developed, which gives you the indispensable adaptability skills necessary to comprehend and use any programming language.

Theme 2


Being innovative is necessary both to create a startup and to develop a mobile application that meets the needs of 21st-century citizens.

So as a 42 student, in addition to learning code, you will learn to think differently in order to come up with innovative solutions. Several projects are specially designed to help you develop this skill.


Theme 3


If learning code is important in digital technology, infrastructures and different types of architectures also require skills for their efficient and secure management.

How does information travel?; at what speed?; what is the make-up of computer equipment?; where is/are the technical failure(s) coming from?; how can one react quickly and correctly to these technical failures? A dive into the heart of operating systems, networks, clouds and the services they encompass.

Theme 4

Personal development and creativity

During the 42 program, you will acquire working methods. In addition, it will allow you to develop essential personal skills in business.

Above all, organization, discipline, communication and teamwork will enable you to successfully integrate your future job in IT!

Theme 5


The excitement associated with digital technology favors new forms of innovative and agile companies. You may want to create yours!

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