A first Piscine for 42 Québec

The Piscine is the last admission step to be able to join the 42 Quebec program. After so much waiting, we welcomed the first wave of candidates on February 8. The team knew most applicants as they participated in meetings, virtual workshops and were active on our social media. So it was a real pleasure to get to know them finally.

Welcome to the Piscine

The first week was undoubtedly the most difficult. Alone in front of the unknown, everyone did their best to get out of it. The majority of participants had never coded, and those who had some basic skills still had to adapt. For Kersen, who had already been introduced to programming, “it was a tiny advantage, but I had to start from scratch because I used logic and functions that I had never used.” Before the first exam, candidates were also deprived of two essential tools: organization and collaboration.

“Knowing how to code is not enough! “

These are the wise words of Josias at the end of his Piscine. With the amount of information and projects to which candidates are exposed, it is essential to learn to manage your priorities. If you try to do everything perfectly in a specific order, you get lost quickly. That’s what everyone learned the hard way in that first week. Also, all faced challenges. A few discussions on lunch break helped many realize that they all had different issues and complementary knowledge. Together they were able to overcome the rest of the Piscine.

Learn not to compare yourself

We tend to compare ourselves to others to measure our success. At 42 Québec, you have to put this old habit aside and give importance to your progress. Guillaume quickly noticed: “If I go at my own pace, I take the time to assimilate what I am learning, and that does me a favour. ”

Dedicate yourself to the Piscine

Of course, we understand that it is difficult for many to put everything aside for 26 days. However, dedicating oneself entirely to the Piscine remains an undeniable asset for success. Most applicants who dropped out were forced to do so after just a few days, either because of a job or parallel study. For this reason, it is important to select your Piscine date carefully and to organize yourself to be there 100%.

A unique experience!

The candidates who completed the first 42 Quebec Piscine are unanimous: it is an unparalleled accomplishment. The learning curve is rapid, and although a month may seem long, all would have taken an additional week. Siham told us that between the first and the last day, she had become a different person. Beyond knowledge, we have seen links forging in the group. Despite the diverse backgrounds, the personal challenges of each, and the different paces, no one was left behind. It was, for both the 42 Quebec team and the candidates, a memorable first Piscine!