Libéo, geeks passionate of 42 Québec!

Our digital innovation firm 

At the heart of any digital project is the human being, who will benefit from the result, whether it be customers or teams. On this simple but fundamental basis, we have been building Web projects that achieve their objectives for 25 years. Since 1996, we have been keeping alive our raison d’être, which is “Innovate to simplify,” as well as our 4 values:

-We are passionate geeks.

-We challenge the status quo and innovate.

-We are learning all the time.

-We assume our responsibilities. 

Today, we are pleased to have a team of 70 professionals based in Québec City and Montreal to address all the human and technological dimensions of digital projects. 


Our partnership with 42 Quebec

Libéo is delighted to take part in the 42 Québec project. We consider this to be an innovative, essential and necessary initiative. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity for us to get socially involved in spreading this training in Quebec City. We believe that 42 Québec will contribute to the development of IT talent while having the mission to make these professions more accessible to all and specifically to women. Indeed, the type of training offered by 42 Québec – a customized training based on the customer experience – is mainly in line with our mission at Libéo. Besides, 42 Québec will allow us to promote IT talent retention in Quebec City and meet our labour needs through access to its young creative professionals’ network. In short, we are proud to support such a talent incubator in our industry. 


A career at Libéo 

Our team includes digital strategists, UX/UI designers, analysts, developers (front-end and back-end), system administrators, experts in digital evolution, and all the technical trades required for development, hosting and outsourcing. Within our team, we are primarily looking for talents who can challenge the status quo and who are concerned about the quality of their work and the respect of their commitments. At Libéo, it is possible to develop as a specialist in a field or evolve by exploring related spheres. The important thing is to be passionate and always to want to learn!