NovAxis Solutions and 42 Quebec: the perfect match!

Different training models for greater diversity

We were interested in collaborating with 42 Quebec City from the outset because we believe it is essential to offer different training models. We operate in a sector that requires creativity and great openness to other cultures.  This is why we are convinced that this training formula will allow us to discover new programming talent.

As one of the SaaS leaders in Quebec City, we also wish to share our knowledge in this field. Our success demonstrates the expertise developed by our team, and this may be of interest to candidates who want to know all the details. We are open to sharing our knowledge through this program.  


Curiosity and open-mindedness: essential qualities in IT

Nearly 40% of our team is linked to the IT development of our products. We are looking for programmers who analyze, question, propose and are not afraid to try new solutions. Our team is not composed of robots. We want above all humans who think before programming. At NovAxis Solutions, we believe that the essential qualities to make good IT are curiosity and openness to change, and exchanges between colleagues to arrive at the best solution. We can summarize our ethics code in four points: working in agility, knowledge sharing, team before the individual, and quality before speed. 

We support 42 Québec because it brings a new way to learn the programmer’s job. Their openness is inspiring, and we hope that this approach will train future enthusiasts, regardless of their age or gender. 

Since this training is based on self-discipline with a different rhythm than traditional methods, it will allow more candidates to be interested in computer careers. 


In short, by collaborating with NovAxis Solutions, you will be able to touch new technologies, exchange with passionate peers and be in charge of a project from A to Z, from analysis to development. Make a real difference and help millions of people with innovative and useful products!