Promutuel Assurance is THERE for the next generation of IT professionals!

Groupe Promutuel’s mutualist values still guide our actions today and have done so for nearly 170 years. We decided to become partners of 42 Québec to encourage the next generation […]

Groupe Promutuel’s mutualist values still guide our actions today and have done so for nearly 170 years. We decided to become partners of 42 Québec to encourage the next generation of IT professionals and because we believe that the quality of its innovative pedagogy is conducive to success and fulfillment. 

Learning through teamwork encouraged by a fun program is in line with our collaboration values, mutual aid and fun at work. In this complex but very stimulating field, a person’s skills are essential, but good teamwork skills must necessarily accompany them. Therefore, it was only natural for Promutuel Assurance to join forces with 42 Québec to allow young professionals to complete stimulating internships.

Promutuel Assurance’s IT team consists of more than 125 professionals who combine their skills and expertise to deliver quality products to members and mutuals. A wide range of challenges and career opportunities are available to graduates within our application and digital services department. We are convinced that the cohorts of 42 Québec will have a wonderful experience with us because beyond learning and a stimulating job, there is also a great Promutuel family!

Whether it is with the experts of the Business Intelligence Centre of Expertise, the application solutions team or the e-business and shared application services team, you will be supervised by a reliable team of passionate developers. 


What is the Business Intelligence Centre of Expertise? Réjean Tremblay, CIEI Coordinator, explains: 

The CIEI is a dynamic team that is at the heart of the company’s ambitions since it is responsible for all of the organization’s data and business intelligence solutions. Our challenges and projects are very varied.

Our recent technologies combine cloud computing with Microsoft’s extraction and reporting tools. What sets us apart is our team spirit, where the most experienced work closely with the youngest. But it is also our constant desire to renew and innovate!


Application solutions, you say? Jean-François Pérusse, Application Solutions Coordinator, tells us about it: 

Our team is in charge of making our systems evolve to help all the businesses in our large organization. Whether it’s for sales, analysis, finance or compensation resolution, our systems are there! The various team members, such as the analysts known for their critical and structured thinking, the developers who do not hesitate to immerse themselves in lines of code and the architects who are experts in application operation, work together and share their knowledge and expertise. 

Whether in project mode, where initiatives follow one another quickly or in bug-fix mode, the challenges are always exciting and varied. The routine does not exist within the teams working on application solutions, but an agile work methodology frames everything. The team makes a difference by contributing close to a project’s success by adding new functions to an application or by correcting complex anomalies in one of the many systems used in the company.


What about e-business? Alexandra Medeiros, Team Coordinator, tells us a little more about it: 

In the e-business team, creativity is at the forefront! We like to innovate, and we are continually looking for the best digital solutions to deliver to our clients! We work closely with the marketing team we work with to implement value-added solutions for our insured members. The website, the customer area, the digital certificate are part of our solutions!

The joint application services team is multidisciplinary and can exchange with many professionals from different departments. It is a team of seniors that is at the heart of the constantly evolving solutions. The team has a global view of business solutions by working on customer communication software and software integration (middleware)!