Ubisoft Québec: a giant player with a big heart!

With more than 500 talented, innovative and passionate creators, Ubisoft Québec continues to grow and expand. Founded in 2005, the studio has been involved in several key Ubisoft franchises over the years, developing cutting-edge expertise in developing major AAA games. After directing the critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey, the Saint-Roch studio was given the mandate to think, create and develop a brand new gaming experience, Immortals Fenyx Rising, an action-adventure game set against the backdrop of a fantastic vision of Greek mythology.  


Giving back to the community 

Beyond its rich portfolio, Ubisoft was born of the dream and boldness of a family of visionary and passionate entrepreneurs. Ubisoft’s worldwide success lies in its capacity for innovation, creativity, and intrapreneurial culture. With its strength of attraction, its brand, the scope of its network, and the power of its internal expertise, Ubisoft is determined to share its assets and share them with Québec’s creative techno companies. In the past year, the Québec City studio alone offered more than 350 hours of support of all kinds: conferences, involvement in school programs, coaching, conducting formative workshops, etc.


Contributing to the development of innovative projects and supporting the development of new talent

Nurturing creativity and awakening to the potential of programming: that’s what charmed us from the start with 42 Québec. In addition to acquiring skills in a host of digital-related trades, it is vital to support and inspire the students who will participate in this great adventure.

Our expertise will be an asset in encouraging the development of local talent and will help ensure great success in the digital field in Québec City. Above all, we will guide students in their development and the realization of their dreams. For who says 500 talented creators also says a lot about our many experts in a host of fields who will be able to put their talents to fair use, and this, all along the way at 42 Québec.